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UK Oil & Gas Investments by Paul Scott 14th Jan '13 · 0 comments · 1639 reads · 2 votes
"Here we go again, Monday morning, and another busy week in the offing, with many 31 Dec trading statements likely. I'm pleased to say my DryAthlon is going well, haven't touched a drop of booze since…"
Small Cap Report - MAYG, SLG, IND, TNI, SWP, ARI
May Gurney Integrated Services PLC by Paul Scott 5th Nov '12 · 0 comments · 1542 reads · 8 votes
"Good morning! A bit earlier than usual today, as a busy day planned. Firstly, some comments on existing positions.May Gurney Integrated Services (LON:MAYG) is performing very well indeed, delighted w…"
re. Cladhan appraisal well: Encore Oil & Sterling Resources
EnCore Oil by Fluffy2 21st Apr '11 · 1 comment · 0 read · 4 votes
"djp / uncommon,djp> Well for those who want Cladhan exposure then surely SLG (Isa'able) is the route to take? uncommon> I topped up on SLG shares in my ISA... I might be missing something, but a…"
Coms Plc, Clarity Commerce Solutions, Nexus Management, Synchronica Plc, Sarantel Group - HB Markets News Flash
Coms by HBMarkets 22nd Nov '10 · 0 comments · 738 reads · 1 vote
"Clarity Commerce Solutions (LON:CCS) (CCS, 38.25p, £15.85m) Interims to September 2010 showed revs up 7% to £9.5m (£8.8m), gross profits of £7.91m (£7.05m), with margins up to 83.6% (79.7%), though t…"
Lloyds Banking Group, AFC Energy Plc, Ceramic Fuel Cells, ITM Power, Sabien Technology Group Plc, Pittards, May Gurney Integrated Services - HB Markets News Flash
Lloyds Banking by HBMarkets 17th Nov '10 · 0 comments · 3473 reads · 0 votes
"Ceramic Fuel Cells (LON:CFU) Limited (CFU, 10.5p, £126.07m) has announced its BlueGen fuel cell/boiler has been installed and is operational in a Melbourne home.  This is part of a $1.3m pilot in Vic…"
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