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What does such and such TA Indicator mean?
Knowledge Base / Charting / Technical Analysis
" We discuss some of the most predictive/useful TA indicators in the Momentum section of our Stock Pi…"
What countries & exchanges are covered in Asia?
Knowledge Base /
"We offer coverage and rankings of more than 12,000 shares in Asia.  Developed Pacific Asia?We o…"
Help - I can't login?
Knowledge Base / My Account
"If you are trying to log-in, the main login page is here and you need to enter your Username an…"
How do you classify stocks by industry?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"We use the Thomson Reuters Business Classification, an industry classification system that is owned…"
How do you standardise financial statements across industry?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"Financials for all companies cannot be summarised using a single template, since similar items may b…"
This is the growth in Research and Development spending over the last 12 months.
This is calculated by dividing Research & Development Expense by total sales or revenue. R&D…
The Piotroski F-Score is a nine-criteria scoring system developed by financial academic, Joseph Piot…
Price to Research is R&D expenditure divided by market capitalisation. The price-to-research rat…
This is calculated as R&D expenditures divided by total assets. R&D expense is not always br…
Sectors / Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals & Medical Research
Manufacturers and marketers of generic and specialty drugs, as well as researchers and developers of…
Sectors / Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals & Medical Research
Researchers and developers of biotechnology based drugs and therapies as well as medical devices and…
Sectors /
Manufacturers, developers and marketers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, as well…
Sectors / Technology / Software & IT Services
Developers and marketers of generic system and application software, as well as providers of consult…
Sectors / Financials / Real Estate
Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properti…
Copper Development Corporation announces $30m AIM IPO
Life Science Developments by Stockopedia News 16th Apr '10 · 4 comments · 3702 reads · 4 votes
"Copper Development Corporation has announced that it is seeking to raise up to $30m through an IPO as part of its admission to AIM in May. The company's principal asset is the Hinoba-an Porphyry Coppe…"
re. Copper Development Corporation announces $30m AIM IPO
Life Science Developments by marben100 16th Apr '10 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 0 votes
"Thanks also to fordtin for pointing out this RNS from AfNat that I appear to have overlooked: The Board also remains pleased with its investment in Copper Development Corporation ("CDC"), a…"
Global Energy Development poised for rapid production growth
Global Energy Development by Equity Development 7th Oct '04 · 0 comments · 371 reads · 0 votes
" Poised for rapid production growth in Colombia and Peru over the next 2-3 years. Rapidly rising production and cash generation. Narrow geographic focus. Share price trading at a small discount to…"
Global Energy Development; Here comes the growth; production and cash flow to rise.
Global Energy Development by Equity Development 22nd Apr '05 · 0 comments · 340 reads · 0 votes
" No surprises in results Further positive newsflow expected Core NAV (proven and probable) now 376p/share Further risked upsides of 353p / share means ‘full’ valuation of 729p / share Increas…"
Economic Development: Guns, Germs and Steel, and History's Financial Shadow
Market Outlook by timarr 16th Jun '10 · 2 comments · 1713 reads · 12 votes
"Jared Diamond in his superb book Guns, Germs and Steel outlined a theory of human economic development that regards Western Europe's original pre-eminence in this regard as being contingent on geograp…"
Equity Development
Stockopedia Developer
REG - Barratt Developments - Final Results - Part 1
News / RNS / Barratt Developments · Wed 10th September, 2014 7:01am
REG - Barratt Developments - Final Results - Part 1
News / RNS / Barratt Developments · Wed 9th September, 2015 7:00am
Barratt Developments - Annual Information Update
News / RNS / Barratt Developments · Thu 15th November, 2007 3:08pm
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