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Stockopedia introduced me to the idea of ā€˜factor-basedā€™ investing and entirely transformed my thinking. Since joining Stockopedia my investing results have far exceeded those of any of the professionals I used to follow.
Private Investor, London

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Stockopedia is the perfect solution for the time-poor individual investor looking for results
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Add your trades into our powerful Portfolio system to stay alert to changes in price and rank over time.

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Develop your own unique style of investing with the Research Tools at your disposal. Aim for improved returns at lower risk.

At the time I started my subscription of Stockopedia, I had approximately 35 shareholdings. I entered them into Stockopedia and started to review them. I could quickly see that some shares that had been tipped were of poor quality, so started the process of selling shares to reduce the number and improve the quality using the StockRanks as a guide. My investment results have dramatically improved during the last two years.
Private Investor

Introducing the StockRanks

The world's only stock rating system designed specifically around the principles of "factor investing"

What works in investing is a poorly hidden secret - stock returns are, on average, driven by a set of straight-forward 'risk-factors'. Three of the most powerful factors are:

Quality - the relative fundamental health & trend of each company
Value - the cheapness of a stock's price relative to its fundamentals
Momentum - the relative strength of each stock's price & earnings

We rank every stock in the market between 0 and 100 for each of these factors, and combine them into the StockRank - which is published for every stock in the market and only ever a quick search away.

Stocks with 90+ rankings have, on average, significantly beaten the market in nearly all global stock markets since launch in 2012. Learn more about the origin of the StockRank, or learn more about our methodology.

Most important is the concept of 'ranking' that is not really available anywhere else. Stockopedia's StockRanks mean that I can instantly focus on what is worth investing, and ignore the dross. Now I check my portfolio every day, basing all my picks on the Stockopedia Momentum & Quality ratings.
Private Investor
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The StockRanksare not a foolproof stock market system

They are statistical indicators that have historically improved the hit-rate of picking winners

Since their launch in 2013, two out of every three 70+ StockRank™ stocks have been winners over a 1 year timeframe, with 90+ performing best.

High ranking stocks can, of course, fall. The StockRank shows how similar a stock's profile is to those that have done well in the past. It provides no guarantee of results.

But on average, in a diversified portfolio, over the longer term, higher ranked shares have significantly beaten the market.

The award-winning way to improve your investing results

Stockopedia is the winner of Best Investing Platform 2016, as voted for by private investors at Shares Magazine

Best Investment Software
Shares Awards 2016, 2018 & 2019

Stockopedia is the winner of Favourite Share Research Platform 2018, as voted for by private investors at Mello

Favourite Share Research Platform
Mello Awards 2018 & 2019

With daily market comment from award-winning bloggers and educational research features, you're mentored all the way

The Small Cap Report provides your first port of call for fast daily analysis of company announcements and news - well before the data or rankings are updated.

By taking you through their thought processes step-by-step Paul Scott & Graham Neary highlight opportunities and risks at the sharp end of the market, with the guidance to help your skill and confidence improve.

šŸ† Paul Scott was voted the Journalist of the Year, The UK's Favourite Share Blogger & The UK's Favourite Private Investor for 2018.

Mello & Nex Small Cap Awards 2018
Paul Scott is a great writer and it is so refreshing to read someone who calls it just as he sees it; I can't think of any city journalist that does the same.
Private Investor

Grow in confidence and self-reliance with the support of an exceptionally well informed community of investors

67% have outperformed the market since subscribing
75% have grown in confidence since subscribing
Same confidence
More confidence

*December 2017 survey of Stockopedia Subscribers.

I want to thank all the Stockopedia team for this excellent website and I also want to thank YOU too. The Stockopedia community are a brilliant bunch. So much insight and knowledge; it certainly helps to form a 360 degree view of a stock when there are so many well informed opinions from well respected investors.
Private Investor

These investors changed their process & reaped the rewards

Learn how Stockopedia has transformed the results of these real investors

"I used to take a very unstructured approach & my results were mixed. The StockRanks are now a strong component of my investment decisions. I feel more confident in my decisions and my results beat the market indexes."

James Nelson
Private Investor

"As a one man band I could not 'cover' the market. My investing is now much more structured and the results are so much better. The level of worry is reduced and I feel better able to structure my portfolio."

John Bradney
Private Investor

"Before Stockopedia I read investing magazines and discussion boards with very little proper research. My results since subscribing to Stockopedia are much better than I would have ever imagined. I can honestly say I would be lost without Stockopedia now."

Paul Sanderson
Private Investor

"My previous approach to picking investments was haphazard. I often ended up just buying companies that I was aware of as a consumer. Since subscribing my own portfolio has produced significantly better returns - even beating the performance of my IFA by 15% over the last 3 years!"

John Hiew
Private Investor
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After your free trial, plans start at less than Ā£21 per month. With a one month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

Dig deeper and you'll find a treasure trove of investment tools

With all the essential statistics laid out in our acclaimed StockReports, making decisions on stocks has never been so easy
Industry and market comparison at a glance

Our unique TrafficLight system shows instantly whether a share's statistics rank attractively versus its peers.

Critical financial health indicators

Could the stocks you own be at risk of bankruptcy? Is there a high probability that the accounts have been manipulated?

See detailed statements like never before.

With 8 years of historic and forecast fundamentals tabled and charted you can eyeball long-term performance at a glance

Gloriously designed - the individual company pages on Stockopedia are an absolute delight and incredibly easy to read.
David Stevenson
Financial Times
It's never been easier to qualify potential investments in the browser - Compare stocks, analyse Charts & run Checklists
Side by side stock comparisons

If you can't make your mind up between two or three similar stocks, check their ranks,fundamental and technical data side by side

Run essential checks on stocks before purchase

Most people screen for stocks top down, but using the unique checklist tool you can check any stock against your rules bottom up

Analyse the trends & swings visually with Technical Charts

For those that love their moving averages, RSI, MACD and even more advanced technical criteria you can find it all in our comprehensive Technical Charting suite.

Access to good quality Charting and Technical Analysis tools is vital. Stockopedia's charts, in combination with their comprehensive financial data, are quite unique.
Stephen Hoad
CEO - The Stop Hunter
Everything you need to improve your Portfolio. Our tools help you stay in control and act more decisively
All the information that matters, in a single glance.

Clear and concise information about your folio, beautifully laid out. Track your holdings and returns online at any time of day.

Record buys, sells, deposits & withdrawals

Transaction log support allows the accurate generation of intraday & daily valuations. Track gains & losses over time to improve your hitrate.

Folio specific news & events delivered daily

Keep yourself in the know with regular news, comment and event listings. Subscribe to feeds to keep your desktop calendar up to date.

The portfolio tool is way better than other online alternatives.
Peter Oughtibridge
Private Investor
Save hours of research time and find better stock ideas using the exact rules that have beaten the market historically
65 of the best strategies from the investing legends

We have devoured the literature on investing to model & track 65 of the most famous investment stock selection strategies. From Altman to Zulu.

22 strategies based on factor investing principles

Use Stockopedia's StockRanks, RiskRatings and Style Classifications as starting points to find Quality, Value and Momentum stocks.

Select stocks directly from the lists and copy to your watchlists

Find a great idea for further research? Then copy it into your Folio in just 2 clicks. From there you'll be able to track it and find quick access to its StockReport as you follow it.

The many guru stock screens has saved me hours and hours of time finding out about the fundamentals of companies and calculating the data metrics.
Private Investor
Discover stocks that meet your own investing criteria and filter the market using the web's most advanced stock screener
Create your own set of custom filters

Our powerful screening tool can be customised with any of combination of over 350 simple and advanced screening metrics. From accruals to Z-Scores we have it all.

Go deep with ranks, averages, groups & sorts

With all kinds of rule types you can drill down deeply into the data. It's this depth of power that brings precision to you searches.

View the results your way with customised tables & charts

Configure your tables your way by editing the columns right there in the browser. Even better in one click you can view a set of mini-charts !

I had used other screening tools from other websites but Stockopedia's were more functional and easy to use.
Private Investor
Stay on top of the investing world with highlights of the day's comment, ratings changes and markets all in one place
All the best insights from award winning bloggers

Our award-winning blogging team crawl the markets daily to find stocks with potential and warn you of hidden financial risks

The latest daily ratings upgrades & downgrades

Check in to be the first to know about new 90+ StockRank ratings upgrades, GuruScreen qualfiers or Style Classification changes.

All the market & news highlights within a glance

Stay on top of your portfolio and the market as a whole on the straightforward and easy to read "Today" page.

Get in touch with like-minded investors, share ideas and access the most informed meetups on & off the web on our Discussion Board.
Browse vibrant blogs & discussion topics

Our editors & research analysts continuously contribute articles on the site, but the member community is just as strong.

Contribute by reading, voting or commenting

You don't have to originate an article or thread to contribute. Even the smallest actions can help encourage others to share their ideas.

Join offline events through our extended community

The community share invitations to some of the most exclusive events, seminars and conferences on the web. Join us at our own StockSlams in the UK.

The discussion board is excellent, well informed and with a great community spirit.
Private Investor

Stop overlooking opportunities. Within seconds you could be broadening your investing universe to different countries & sectors

With easy to browse classifications covering 10 sectors and 52 industry groups you can diversify your portfolio more effectively than ever before.

We cover more than 35,000 stocks across the world including UK, Europe, North America, Asia & Australasia. You can choose the coverage that suits you.

Iā€™m able to make more investments, so therefore diversify better, because I can cover the market more quickly and find more opportunities.
Ian Hallett
Private Investor
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After your free trial, plans start at less than Ā£21 per month. With a one
month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

Our team of trained financial analysts is online to support you throughout the trading day

Since our launch, we've believed supporting our subscribers to be our most important endeavor. Our goal is to provide the help you need to succeed as a self-reliant investor - and you'll do that better the faster you learn to use our investment tools.

Our analyst team includes three Chartered Financial Analysts and three candidates. We have the expertise to resolve everything from simple account queries to tough data issues.

In the last 12 months we handled 11,046 unique conversations with our subscribers. 22% of which were personally handled by Ed Croft our CEO. We really do give a damn.

Get started for free

After your free trial, plans start at less than Ā£21 per month. With a one
month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

Not only is the software easy to use and to understand but the team around it are always there to assist. Thanks to Stockopedia for helping me feel comfortable enough to take my own investment decisions and to develop my own strategy. It's enriched my pocket and my life.
Private Investor

You will navigate our platform fast as it's so easy to use & our online videos, guides, and webinars will accelerate your learning

There's nothing worse than being dropped in the deep end with something you can't understand. We would never let that happen to you here.

Our approach to education is extensive.

Our learning resources cover both product and investing education. You don't have to leave the site to get better at using it... but if you do, you can take our ebooks with you.

What's more, we provide inline help throughout the application. So if you don't know what something means - just click it !

It's been a fantastic educational tool. I know far more about the basic data and what the various criteria mean. Lots of this comes from the brilliant little pop-ups that explain the PEG and PE and so on, on every company page.
Paul Weeks
Private Investor

The Stockopedia service has been widely acclaimed by financial press, investor associations and famous influencers

"Stockopedia has always been miles ahead in its presentation of data and its carefully selected use of stock screens to identify great stocks."

David Stevenson
Financial Times Review

"Expensive fund managers should be looking over their shoulders."

Andrew Oxlade
The Telegraph Review

"Since I last wrote about advanced screeners for value investors Stockopedia has emerged as my favourite. For data, Stockopedia shines."

Richard Beddard
Interactive Investor Review

"Stockopedia presents all the data on any company that you are likely to want, saving you doing the analysis - this is a highly recommended service."

Roger Lawson
Sharesoc Review

"One of the advantages of using Stockopedia is that it helps throw up companies that you would otherwise not find out about. It also helps investors avoid getting caught in the traps that even the biggest household name shares can lay."

Simon Lambert
This is Money / Daily Mail Review

"Stockopedia is a great place to scan for new shares to buy. Each share gets a ranking, you can use 'guru' screens to find shares, there is even a stock screen loosely based on my criteria! There is lots more really fantastic material and I believe access should help investors and I now use it myself."

Robbie Burns
The Naked Trader Review
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After your free trial, plans start at less than Ā£21 per month. With a one
month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

When you make decisions aided by data, you have to be able to trust the quality and timeliness. Here's how we do it.


Our primary source, Refinitiv, employs thousands of analysts who scan, audit & standardise financial data entry into their databases before uploading to their financial cloud.


Throughout the day and night we download these financial statements, analyst estimate data, price quotes & histories and other company information to our databases.


After organising it and cleaning it all up, we then crunch over 60 million computations to build up a library of essential, accurate and timely statistics on every stock. From simple PE Ratios to Piotroski F-Scores.


We then rank and screen the market to filter the wheat from the chaff. The output is then published in brilliant StockReports, GuruScreens, StockRanks and Chart Signals to improve your stock market odds.

Our data is designed for individual investors in partnership with
Refinitiv is the data-supplier to Stockopedia

Stockopedia is one of the few companies in the world that the markets giant Refinitiv partners with to serve the individual investor.

A subscription to Stockopedia will be one of the best investments you'll ever make...

Here's what you'll get:
A decade of research into what works in stock markets
Millions of pounds of platform investment
Countless hours of research time saved
Access to hundreds of educational articles and ebooks
A 25 strong team of professionals working flat out for you
A team of the very best bloggers acting as mentors
Saving you thousands in advisory fees every year
Starting at less than Ā£21 per month

Stockopedia is the perfect solution for the time-poor individual investor looking for results

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After your free trial, plans start at less than Ā£21 per month. With a one
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