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Microsoft: Positive outlook despite profit miss


"Evolving macroeconomic conditions and other unforeseen items," hurt Microsoft (NSQ:MSFT) in the company's fiscal fourth quarter - ended June 2022. Revenue and income fell short of expectations as the company experienced a slow down in...


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Why PC Connection is a market favourite


Some shares have withstood recent economic shockwaves better than others - but is PC Connection (NSQ:CNXN) one of them? To understand why different shares respond to chaos in different ways, it pays to look at their strengths. In bull...


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Can DXC Technology Co ride out the economic uncertainty?


Research shows that quality and value are two powerful drivers of stock market profits. With the economic outlook becoming more uncertain, it's possible that these two factors could have an influence on the DXC Technology Co (NYQ:DXC)...


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What do analysts think about Okta?


Company analysts usually understand the stocks they cover better than just about anyone else. For that reason, it can be useful to know whether they think investors should 'buy', 'hold' or 'sell' them. These kinds of clues can give you...


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How do brokers rate Unity Software?


Broker recommendations can be a useful indicator when it comes to researching shares. Examining the average (sometimes called the 'consensus') rating among analysts can offer a guide to whether a share is worth buying or not.  Take Uni...


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Could Renren (NYQ:RENN) be a turtle trade?


Ever since the 1980s, when the now-infamous "Turtle Traders" beat the market with simple strategies based on breakouts to new high prices, momentum investing has been shown to be a potentially profitable strategy.  In fact, many academ...


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Brokers upbeat on Snowflake. despite economic uncertainty


The Snowflake. (NYQ:SNOW) share price has risen by 14.6% over the past month and it’s currently trading at $144.5. For investors considering whether to buy, hold or sell the stock, the question now is whether this price run will contin...


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