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Quality and value are positive signs for Cairn Homes

Consumer Cyclicals

Shares in Cairn Homes (LON:CRN) are currently trading at 88.5p but a key question for investors is how geopolitical and economic turmoil will continue to affect the price. Part of the answer comes down to judging whether the stock is w...


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The Quarto share price - is the market missing something?

Consumer Cyclicals

Quality and value are two important drivers of stock market returns - yet many investors fail to take them seriously. At a time of economic uncertainty, using these two powerful factors to find stocks could help you navigate market vol...


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Are analysts backing shares in Marks and Spencer?

Consumer Cyclicals

Almost every industry sector is coming under pressure from economic uncertainty. For investors, that means there are questions about which way large-cap stocks like Marks and Spencer (LON:MKS) will move over the near term. Marks and Sp...


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What will move the Shoe Zone share price?

Consumer Cyclicals

Shares in Shoe Zone (LON:SHOE) are currently trading at 145.5p but a key question for investors is how an uncertain economic outlook will affect the price. One way of making that assessment is to examine where its strengths lie... The...


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Is there momentum behind the Dr Martens share price?

Consumer Cyclicals

It has been a wild ride for some of the UK's biggest quoted companies over the past year. Economic uncertainty persists and the question on the minds of many investors is where the prices of stocks like Dr Martens (LON:DOCS) will go fr...


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Factors that could move the Hollywood Bowl share price

Consumer Cyclicals

A question likely to be on the minds of a lot of investors right now is how heightened geopolitical and economic concerns will affect mid-cap shares like Hollywood Bowl (LON:BOWL).  Shares in Hollywood Bowl are currently trading at 241...


Image related to an article about Ten Entertainment

Can Ten Entertainment resist market uncertainty?

Consumer Cyclicals

Some stocks are better placed than others to withstand the economic turmoil - but is Ten Entertainment (LON:TEG) one of them? To understand why different shares respond to uncertainty in different ways, it pays to look at their strengt...


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Are analysts upbeat on the outlook for Future?

Consumer Cyclicals

While the world wrestles with the impact of Covid, inflation and geopolitical strife, investors are naturally wondering what lies in store for some of the country's largest quoted companies, such as Future (LON:FUTR).  Future is an imp...


Image related to an article about InterContinental Hotels

Which way now for the InterContinental Hotels share price?

Consumer Cyclicals

Geopolitical and economic turmoil has changed the outlook for companies across all industry sectors. For investors who own shares in them, the question now is whether these stocks are worth holding and where their prices will go from h...


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