Couldnt make it myself but heres the link to the AGM Statement and hopefully someone out there made it along and will offere up thier opinion in due course.


'During 2008, Salamander continued to build on its track record in reserves, production and cash flow growth, with production rising 23% to 9,600 boepd and proved & probable reserves up 74% to 67.7 MMboe. The operational highlight of the year was the Bualuang oil field being brought on-stream, a field that has undergone further successful development drilling in the first half of 2009. 


Since the start of 2009, Group production has averaged 12,800 boepd and is expected to grow further in the second half of 2009 with the start up of the Kambuna gas-condensate field, offshore North Sumatra, Indonesia. The well head platform and pipeline were completed in the second quarter of 2009 and onshore production facilities are now being commissioned. Production is expected to start up around the end of July. Group average daily production for 2009 remains on target and is forecast in the range 15,000 to 17,000 boepd.

South Sebuku spudded a couple of weeks ago. 30mmbbl target ands apparisal location already to go if well is successful. Close to producing field so should be a quick development option.

Phu Kheng (who chooses these names!!) shoudl spud imminently. 1Tcf target. This is a really significant well as it woudl open up a new play field for SMDr.

The rig from PK1 will move to Si That 3 appraisal once PK completed.

So, an active 2009 and more to come in 2010. I think a lot of peole (not least the SQZ guys) will be pleased when Kambuna is in production.

I do like SMDR as a good soliud, well financed company with a good portfolio of explo and development options. Not a shootign star stock but very solid.


So, if anyone attended the AGM and would like to share their thoughts, pease fire away.



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