2013 Jan >20% & Outrageous Annual >200% Oil Stock Competitions.....

Monday, Dec 24 2012 by

Looks like I’m in festive “spirit” already! :-)

You may enter any of the options: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv).

Monthly Competition for January 2013:

For the January 2013 “>20%” monthly oil stock competition, which oil stocks will have the greatest move for

(i) >20% gain?
(ii) >20% loss?

You may enter two stocks, one for (i) and one for (ii). More than one person may enter the same stock. The deadline for the January 2013 competition is midnight on Tuesday, 1 January 2013.

Annual Competition for 2013:

For the 2013 Outrageous “>200%” Annual Oil Stock Competition for period 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2013, which oil stocks will have the greatest move for

(iii) >200% gain?
(iv) >50% loss (i.e. down a lot)

You may enter two stocks, one for (iii) and one for (iv). More than one person may enter the same stock. Deadline for the annual competition is also midnight on Tuesday, 1 January 2013.

Merry Xmas and happy hunting in 2013 to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. December 2012 and Annual 2012 results will be posted a.s.a.p. after close of play on 31 December 2012 in these two threads, respectively.


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Proselenes 24th Dec '12 1 of 8

Monthly Competition for January 2013:

For the January 2013 “>20%” monthly oil stock competition, which oil stocks will have the greatest move for

(i) >20% gain = TRAP
(ii) >20% loss = None

Annual Competition for 2013:

(iii) >200% gain = TRAP
(iv) >50% loss = MOIL

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Fangorn 27th Dec '12 2 of 8

GKP for the 20% rise in Jan after a disastrous December - this despite the increasing ridiculousness of the Wempen claim as the CC continues to plays out..

The down - AST. The Convertible news sums it up for me. The company is toast.

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alano20 1st Jan '13 3 of 8

(i) Jan >20% - TRAP
(ii) no down
(iii) >200% Gain - GKP
(iv) no down

Best wishes for 2013.

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Fangorn 1st Jan '13 4 of 8

Forgot to choose my +200% outrageous pick ...

Has to be GKP for that as well :)

Here's hoping.

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dbfromgb 1st Jan '13 5 of 8

AEX for both i) and iii) please. Also my selection in the NFSC.

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Impvesta 2nd Jan '13 6 of 8

(i) Jan 2013 Aminex (AEX) please
(iii) Full year 2013 AMinex (AEX) please

(ii) and (iv) No selection

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flyingbull 3rd Feb '13 7 of 8

Oil Stock Competition results for Jan 2013:

Very strong rise in Zoltav Resources, ZOL, an oil and gas investment company, in January. No RNS yet.
Presumably an excellent deal is expected. Congratulatins to Stephanie_M for picking Zol for the January
">20% Up" competition.

The ">20% Down" competition was a close run thing with Thegreatgeraldo holding on to win with a -22.8%
for the GXG market listed USOP. Congratulations to Tgg!!!

">20% Up" competition results:

1.7% Average

60.9% ZOL Stephanie_M Advfn
23.5% PET Liquidmillionaire Advfn
23.5% PET Alan Dibble Advfn
17.5% IFA Superg1 Advfn
16.5% PANR BTGMAN Advfn
15.7% AOI.V Thaiinvest Fool
15.7% GKP Petergray Fool
15.7% GKP Jpgh Fool
15.7% GKP Fangorn Stockopedia
12.3% PTR Sporazene Fool
12.3% PTR Seangwhite Advfn
12.3% PTR Twixy Advfn
11.8% QFI Sueyou1 Advfn
11.2% HYR CF3 Advfn
11.2% FAST Flyingswan Advfn
11.1% PMO Dragonfan Fool
9.5% FTO Viacon Advfn
9.4% AFR Thumper1 Advfn
9.0% SQZ Sawney Fool
9.0% SQZ REO100 Fool
7.3% CEO Thegreatgeraldo Fool
7.3% CEO Strollingmolby Fool
7.0% SIA Peterbill Fool
6.4% UEN Nomoremrniceguy Advfn
6.1% BLVN Wshak Fool
5.9% TPL Ivorhunch Fool
5.9% TPL Wrighty46 Advfn
5.9% TPL Ivor Hunch Advfn
5.8% ELA Langostino Advfn
4.9% AEX Dbfromgb Stockopedia
4.9% AEX Impvesta Stockopedia
4.9% AEX 154845418484154 Advfn
3.6% DGO Ewm55 Fool
1.4% PCI Bonesthreezero Fool
1.4% PCI Spp119 Advfn
0.7% AEY Glitter1 Fool
0.3% VPP Spannercadet Fool
0.3% VPP Ohisay Fool
0.3% VPP Fleecednflogged Fool
-1.0% SEY Goders3 Advfn
-1.2% EOG Eastheath Fool
-3.4% EME Mavverick Advfn
-4.8% KEA Mariopeter Advfn
-4.8% GPX Shujja Advfn
-4.9% RRL Killerdriller Fool
-4.9% RRL Slickreturns Fool
-5.3% EXI Mickinvest Fool
-7.3% LOGP Seagreen Advfn
-7.6% VOG Cgod Advfn
-9.8% TLW Casanare Fool
-12.3% NEW Carlosalberto70 Fool
-12.3% NEW Snowman88 Advfn
-13.3% SLG.V GHH Fool
-18.9% TRAP Zuozgr Fool
-18.9% TRAP Carpee Fool
-18.9% TRAP Yossa123 Fool
-18.9% TRAP Chriswalden Fool
-18.9% TRAP Proselenes Stockopedia
-18.9% TRAP Alano20 Stockopedia
-18.9% TRAP Closetinvestor Advfn
-20.9% IGAS 2baffled Advfn
-24.1% ENEG Flyingbull Fool
-24.1% ENEG Christian12 Fool

">20% Down" competition results:

3.4% Average

-22.9% USOP Thegreatgeraldo Fool
-18.9% TRAP Fleecednflogged Fool
-15.9% CAZA Seagreen Advfn
-12.3% NEW Alan Dibble Advfn
-10.8% RIA Sporazene Fool
-10.1% SLE Spp119 Advfn
-9.4% RMP Mavverick Advfn
-5.9% BRDG Wrighty46 Advfn
-5.6% WSX Carlosalberto70 Fool
-3.4% EME Snowman88 Advfn
-2.8% MAGP Ridethewaves Advfn
-2.8% SER Stephanie_M Advfn
-1.2% EOG Wshak Fool
-1.2% EOG Killerdriller Fool
-1.2% EOG Yossa123 Fool
-1.2% EOG Slickreturns Fool
1.5% COP Ewm55 Fool
11.0% XEL Flyingswan Advfn
11.8% QFI CF3 Advfn
12.3% PTR Liquidmillionaire Advfn
14.4% FOGL Eastheath Fool
15.7% GKP Nomoremrniceguy Advfn
15.7% GKP Seangwhite Advfn
15.7% GKP 154845418484154 Advfn
15.7% GKP Goders3 Advfn
17.6% AST Flyingbull Fool
17.6% AST Sawney Fool
17.6% AST Fangorn Stockopedia
23.5% PET Jpgh Fool
36.7% BOR Shujja Advfn


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flyingbull 3rd Jan '14 8 of 8

QFI, specialising in fuel oil in water technology made a dramatic 251% gain in one year! Three people came first with QFI in the "Outrageous >200%" competition, two has a name and one is a number! Congrats to Sueyou1, CF3 and 154845418484154!!!

The ">50% Down" competition was more competitive with bad news on NEW on the drilling front in Belize causing the share price to drop by 93%! Congrats to Wrighty46 for winning this comp!!!

Judging by the averages, 2013 was not a good year for oil stocks, even though both the oil and gas prices are relatively stable by historical standard. Perhaps the big drop in the oil price in Q1 2013 has sapped too much confidence out of the market and therefore the subsequent recovery did not generally translate into a more upbeat impact on the oil stocks.

p.s. I have introduced a bit more automation in the share price gathering process. The results are also double checked but if you do see any strange ones, please advise. Thanks in advance.

">200% Up" Competition Results:

-1.4% Average

251.0% QFI Sueyou1 Advfn
251.0% QFI 154845418484154 Advfn
251.0% QFI CF3 Advfn
158.2% WRES Ridethewave Advfn
98.9% TRP Zuozgr Fool
85.0% FRR Killerdriller Fool
50.0% SWE(Australia) Chriswalden Fool
47.5% ZOL Stephanie_M Advfn
45.7% EME Mavverick Advfn
44.7% PANR Michaelsadvfn Advfn
44.7% PANR Btgman Advfn
40.6% BRDG Guialopes Fool
31.9% TOM Liquidmillionaire Advfn
29.1% AFR Thumper1 Advfn
20.0% NORP (Plus Market) Flyingbull Fool
17.9% SNM(Canada) Thaiinvest Fool
4.4% XEL Langostino Advfn
4.4% XEL Peterbill Fool
4.2% BPC GHH Fool
4.2% BPC Ewm55 Fool
2.1% IOF Superg1 Advfn
0.0% PCI Sawney Fool
0.0% PCI Eastheath Fool
-1.8% GKP Petergray Fool
-1.8% GKP Jpgh Fool
-1.8% GKP Dragonfan Fool
-1.8% GKP Slickreturns Fool
-1.8% GKP Fangorn Stockopedia
-1.8% GKP Alano20 Stockopedia
-5.7% VLS Glitter1 Fool
-8.7% UEN Nomoremrniceguy Advfn
-11.0% WZR(Canada) Sporazene Fool
-13.6% ENG(Canada) Carlosalberto70 Fool
-16.7% IGAS 2baffled Advfn
-19.1% TPL Wrighty46 Advfn
-19.1% TPL Ivorhunch Advfn
-19.1% TPL Carpee Fool
-19.1% TPL Ivorhunch Fool
-20.9% PTR Seangwhite Advfn
-20.9% PTR Twixy Advfn
-22.6% SRSP Firtehills Advfn
-30.9% CHAR Triples Advfn
-31.8% PET Alandibble Advfn
-32.3% IRG Christian12 Fool
-33.0% CIE(US) Xxnjr Fool
-38.4% GBP Markc2010 Fool
-38.8% EOG Goders3 Advfn
-42.0% BLVN Closetinvestor Advfn
-42.0% BLVN Wshak Fool
-42.0% BLVN Mickinvest Fool
-42.5% FAST Flyingswan Advfn
-44.7% TRAP Spannercadet Fool
-44.7% TRAP Bonesthreezero Fool
-44.7% TRAP Proselenes Stockopedia
-47.3% SQZ Fleecednflogged Fool
-47.3% SQZ Strollingmolby Fool
-50.0% VOG Cgod Advfn
-50.0% VOG Yossa123 Fool
-53.7% GPX Shujja Advfn
-53.7% GPX Casanare Fool
-55.1% SLE Spp119 Advfn
-58.0% LOGP Ohisay Fool
-59.3% AEX REO100 Fool
-59.3% AEX Dbfromgb Stockopedia
-59.3% AEX Impvesta Stockopedia
-64.1% PVR Seagreen Advfn
-27.6% MMT(Canada) Thegreatgeraldo Fool
-91.1% PAR.ST (Sweden) Beans4tea Fool
-93.1% NEW Snowman88 Advfn

">50% Down" Competition Results:

-18.5% Average

-93.1% NEW Wrighty46 Advfn
-80.9% USOP Thegreatgeraldo Fool
-67.1% SER Liquidmillionaire Advfn
-53.7% GPX Flyingbull Fool
-53.7% GPX Sporazene Fool
-46.8% MOIL Proselenes Stockopedia
-45.2% CAZA Snowman88 Advfn
-38.8% EOG Wshak Fool
-38.0% BOR Seangwhite Advfn
-38.0% BOR Shujja Advfn
-31.8% PET Jpgh Fool
-30.9% CHAR Ridethewave Advfn
-23.6% IOF 1.54845E+14 Advfn
-13.6% ENG(Canada) Carlosalberto70 Fool
-6.8% FOGL Eastheath Fool
-1.8% GKP Nomoremrniceguy Advfn
-1.8% GKP Alandibble Advfn
-0.2% RKH Seagreen Advfn
4.4% XEL Flyingswan Advfn
5.9% AST Fangorn Stockopedia
9.0% PMG Petergray Fool
9.0% PMG Fleecednflogged Fool
9.0% PMG Slickreturns Fool
44.7% PANR Mavverick Advfn
121.4% XTR Stephanie_M Advfn


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