This post exists to provide a link to some HTML that I have created which use "WebGL" to create three-dimensional plots showing how the QVM ranks for a group of stocks evolve over time. Below is a screenshot to give you a flavour, but follow the link to play with the 3D version.


Mostly this is pretty rather than useful, and looking at conventional 2D plots of Q, V, M separately is easier to take in.

However what it can do is to show some patterns which you just don't see in the 2D plots. I will point out a few that I noticed later on.

How to use the link

Just click on the link and the site should load into your browser.

There are some brief help notes on the home page which are worth reading but I know you won't!

So I'll just point out:

  1. This works best on a large screen - desktop or laptop. You can run it on a phone but it is hard to see very much.
  2. Some of the pages load very slowly because the whole history has to be loaded and then compiled into WebGL before anything can happen. But once it's loaded it is very nippy indeed. Open each stock list in a separate tab if you want to flit back and forward between them.
  3. You don't have to use the automations. If you are using a mouse you can grab and drag the cube around with the mouse and zoom in/out with the scroll-wheel. You can also drag the time slider to any date you like by hand.
  4. The stocks you select will leave a trail behind which is about 1.5 years long and the current date is shown next to the slider.
    The trail is turned off if you select "show all stocks". In that case you get all the stocks jiggling about like atoms of a gas.
  5. When there is no data (my database is full of holes, especially for very large stocks) the sphere for that stock will display in grey until the animation reaches a date where there is data again.

A few things to look at

Individual Stocks

FTSE100: AAL clearly gets bigger as time goes by. The radius of the sphere for each stock is proportional to the…

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