Currently Rank 77 momentum 94 with 2 brokers showing a strong Buy rating. XD is coming up on 15/3/18 & paid @ 41.4p /share on 29/3/18. Details @, as is is not yet shown on Stockopedia yet but it does show EPS growth @ 147.9%.
Net profit last year £146.3M, with estimated profit of £363.2M for 2018, which, if estimates are correct, will certainly turn the company round.Operating margin is an extremely healthy 81.4%.
They are adding another £125M into infinis.

This fits Josef Lakonisok momentum screen.

I was considering Direct Line with a 7% dividend, but the margin put me off a bit compared with the potential share price increase that could come from 3IN.

At least it boosts the dividend income of my portfolio up another notch or too.

Fib retracement is also in excess of 220p & is off the chart.

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