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The PEGY Calculation for July 16th 2018 for the first few countries ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

I have completed my first beta version of my guide to Country stock markets by value and growth.  After reading Peter Lynch’s book I realised you could use the PEGY formula to value and rank a country’s stock market.

I intend to do work these tables out every three or four months.  Explanations of what it all means will follow.

On my website there are five tables to look at http://investstrat.com/country...

I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

(The CSS is beta as well!)

I have done this for every country that theoretically you can invest in.

You should be able to find an ETF, investment trust, mutual fund or unit trust that covers the country.  Alternatively using Stockopedia you can invest directly in the shares of the country.

I would not invest in any country if they are not moving up.  Some countries have had large movements and although they have triggered a 4% move up in their index it could just be a dead cat bounce.  (So check a graph first.)

I have also looked at various country risk factors that could be applied to a stock market and then applied them to the PEGY calculation.  I realise that you can calculate this exactly but they are been shifting in the right direction and even just the calculation of the factors is interesting and helpful.

If interested please paste your comments below or email me if shy!

PE/Total Return 20184% Model Market IndicatorIndex YTD %  Jul 16 2018
United Arab Emirates1.063Bearish-5.23%
Czech Republic1.438Bullish4.54%
Korea, South1.5231.523-12.14%
Taiwan 1.600Bearish-0.76%
Hong Kong SAR1.680Bearish-3.28%

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