Today, I have some good news for the Stockopedia community - mobile access is here. If you've been frustrated that you can't access your favourite research platform easily when on the go, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

We've completely redesigned the site to enable you to access everything you need on your phone and tablet. With quick access to Today's Market Data, Stocks, Screens, Portfolios and Discussion you are now able to achieve almost everything you can on the desktop.

What's more, we're today rolling out an improved desktop experience that acts as the foundation for a host of upcoming improvements over the rest of the year and beyond.


What you should expect...

It's important I manage expectations for the new site, as it is not a finished project and we will continue to roll out new features every fortnight until it far surpasses the old site.

  • If you've been waiting patiently for mobile access, StockRank charts, more flexible alerts or portfolio analytics on big portfolios then come and take a look.
  • But if you just can't live without the DCF Calculator or Golden Cross Chart Signals on the current site, then your patience will be rewarded if you wait a while before making the transition. Nonetheless - come and take an early preview.

We'll be adding new features, and improvements at least every fortnight, and I'll personally be publishing plenty of video tutorials and trainings to help with the transition. My goal is to win everybody over to the new site by the end of the year.

What if you don't want things to change?

As a consumer of many digital services, I know how disorienting it can be when a new design is rolled out. Here are a few key points to ease the pain:

  • The good news is that you don't need to switch over if you don't want to, at least for the time being. We'll be keeping the old site alive for at least six months.
  • What's more, we've made it easy to switch back and forth to and from the new site without losing any of your data. So if you find it all a bit too new, you can pop over now and then, do some trainings and pop back as you gradually get used to it.
  • But please note, you'll only be…

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