A good week for the FTSE 100 which closed 100 points higher at 5,768 points thought the AIM All share closed where it opened at 781 points. Manufacturing pay in the UK was said to have risen by 2.6 per cent over the last 3 months, whilst Chinese manufacturing was also said to be on the mend. News also included UK retail sales having risen by 1.8 per cent in March and Unemployment was down by 35,000 in the period from December 2011 to February 2012. The week ahead sees public finances data, UK First Quarter GDP estimates and a variety of CBI Survey results being announced.

African Medical Investments (LON:AMEI) (LON:AMEI:1.88p/£6.04m)

African Medical Investments last week announced that the Company has raised US$375,000 by way of a subscription for loan notes by Harbinger Capital Partners Master Fund I Ltd under a newly constituted loan note instrument. The funds raised will be used to provide additional working capital which will be employed to consolidate the Company's position as a leading provider of high quality healthcare through private hospitals in Africa. As Harbinger is a substantial shareholder in African Medical, the issue of the Loan Notes constitutes a related party transaction under the AIM Rules for Companies.

Angle (LON:AGL) (LON:AGL 45.5p/£17.21m)

The technology commercialisation Company announced that it has achieved another important milestone by using its Parsortix cell separation device to successfully capture breast cancer circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in cancer patient blood. The Parsortix cancer diagnostic device has now been used to capture both prostate cancer CTCs and breast cancer CTCs in patient blood, the most common cancers in men and women respectively. In addition to prostate cancer and breast cancer, ANGLE has previously demonstrated that its Parsortix separation technology can capture cultured lung cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer cells added to blood (spiked blood). The new cancer patient blood finding is a further important step towards demonstrating that the Parsortix separation technology can capture any solid tumour cancers without the need for modification or dependence on cancer specific antibodies, unlike existing antibody affinity based technology. The development of the Parsortix separation technology is proceeding to plan and the next key milestones are: the validation of the separation device for other cancer types; the development…

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