We were delighted to have Stephan Beringer, CEO and David Dorans, CFO, present at the latest Yellowstone Advisory webinar on 17th December. A recording can be viewed here.

The company has just completed a very successful fundraise and the webinar was an opportunity for management to outline some of the exciting opportunities that are opening up for the company.

The presentation started with a quick recap of the company origins as a technology supplier to the movie industry working on feature films where it won an Academy award for its’ work in the feature film Black Swan. Roll forward to today and the company’s’ patented technology enables product and brand messages (advertising) to be digitally inserted into entertainment content.

The latest show reel was played which really gives a great visual introduction to the power of the technology and how it is currently being used by a host of brands including: Pepsi, Ford, Samsung, Sony, Universal, Nissan and Dominos. As well as highlighting some of the Channels and distributors signed up including: Sony, Conde Nast, France TV, Channel 4 and Tencent.

The context for Mirriads success and its much bigger potential is in the turmoil and change happening in advertising markets. Many consumers find ads annoying, resulting in a lot being skipped and not getting any attention. The growth of the streaming services has been predicated on a no advertising model placing further barriers to consumer brands reaching and impacting their target audiences.

Covid has accelerated some of the entertainment trends with the hours of media consumed continuing to rise. Video entertainment is viewed the most followed by music video and then social platforms. Another interesting trend is the increase in the number of subscriptions each consumer has (from personal experience I can certainly testify to that).

Increased competition between subscription services is leading to greater pressure on the subscription which can be charged. The streamers business model and consumer offer precludes them from traditional advertising and consequently the subscription services are looking at alternative sources of revenue. Mirriad provides the solution to brands, content owners and distributors. In the US, Europe and China the annual spend advertising spend is $135bn/year and Mirriad seeks a portion of this spending.

In content advertising allows brands to go into a new range of opportunities. Mirriad has started in film entertainment and moved recently into music videos but there…

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