Hello everybody,
I am a small investor from Germany. Since we will not have sufficient money in Germany as a retiree from the state, in order to lead an appropriate lifestyle, one has to provide for itself. I am in the fortunate position, in addition to the “usual” pension from the state, that I'll receive a pension form the Company I work for. But this will probably not close the gap completely. Therefore, everyone should also make private provision for the future pension. At the beginning of my Fourties, I still have 25 years as an investment horizon.

Stocks are the means of choice in such a timeframe to achieve a good return. There are people who recommend passive investing, for example in ETFs. I also own an ETF - an ETF on fixed-interest corporate bonds. I guess it's called asset allocation. ;-) For me, however, I have discovered that it is fun for me to take the issue myself and to make a conscious decision to invest. If I choose an ETF, I have no influence on which companies are in or are exchanged. So I decided to stockpicking stocks.
This, of course, involves following a particular strategy. Which strategy did I choose?


It is an adapted strategy of the Martin Zweig Growth Screen, which I will use here with the help of Stockopedia's screening tool.

What are the reasons? At first, I am firmly convinced that growth and rising sales are essential to the success of a company. On the other hand, of course, it should not be overrated, which is why a limitation of the P / E ratio makes sense. I also believe that good developing companies will also be successful in the medium term. In this respect, the observation of the relative strength in relation to one year makes sense. Martin Zweig, however, was not a pure growth investor. He has also always paid attention to the fact that a company is financially sound. This is in my opinion a bit too short for the original Martin-Zweig Stockopedia-Screen. I have therefore added or modified a number of key figures that are helpful for my way of investing and which I consider important:

- Limitation of P / E ratio to max. 40. I think Martin Zweig had set the limit…

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