A results season overview by David Thornton, Editor of Growth Company Investor and ex Fund Manager. David has interviewed 129 companies so far in 2021. He is bullish about how companies are performing expecting many to upgrade as the year goes on. For investors, he suggests a value and recovery theme rather than growth stocks. He shares his insight on six companies that have stood out for him, interestingly four have been interviewed or presented on piworld, which we link to below.

Video & Podcast

00:43 What’s been the general theme of company results?
04:37 MISSION Mission (LON:TMG)
08:17 Tracsis Tracsis (LON:TRCS)
11:54 Quixant Quixant (LON:QXT)
17:03 Belvoir Belvoir (LON:BLV)
21:08 The Property Franchise Group Property Franchise (LON:TPFG)
21:59 Medica Medica (LON:MGP)
27:20 Somero Somero Enterprises Inc (LON:SOM)

Links to results from companies featured by both piworld and mentioned by David:

MISSION (TMG) Full Year 2020 results overview

Tracsis (TRCS) 2021
Interim results presentation.
Interim results overview.

Quixant (QXT) Full year 2020 results overview

The Property Franchise Group (TPFG)
Full year 2020 results presentation.
Full year 2020 results overview.

Somero (SOM) Full year 2020 results presentation.

About David Thornton: Following an extensive career in the City David is Editor & Owner of Growth Company Investor (GCI), an excellent publication about Small Cap Shares. David, graduated 1982 and went into the City as a trainee UK equity investment analyst with an insurance company. 1985 started managing money at Br Gas pension fund. 1987-04 fund manager at Henderson. Spent 4 years doing US equities before returning to UK desk. 2006-12 launched and ran an East European fund at a hedge fund boutique (Russia, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Doing these markets turned out to be good training for looking at the nether reaches of AIM which was his next job! 2013 onwards – financial journalism focused on UK small caps. Initially Redhot Penny Shares newsletter (part of MoneyWeek) and since 2015 Growth Company Investor (GCI). In September 2020 David acquired GCI from the original owners, Bonhill plc.

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