I'm in the process of entering historic transactions for stocks on my Portfolio on Stockopedia and wondered if there is an easy way to record consolidation of shares whenever this occurs with an owed stock.

Probably best give an example of this...

Back in 2014 I owned shares in Vodafone and  there was a Return of Capital and Consolidation of shares in February of that year when Vodafone sold their stake in Verizon.

For the Return of Capital option I received through my broker, I opted for selling the Verizon shares. Although not ideal, I can account for this as a "Deposit" transaction on my Stockopedia Portfolio and just pop a note to say "Return of Capital - VOD Verizon sale etc....". At least that would accurately reflect as a credit on my account.

As part of that Return of Capital, Vodafone also consolidated shares, where every 11 Vodafone Ordinary shares was consolidated into 6 New Ordinary shares. Ultimately I'm wondering if there is an easy way to record the resulting new share quantity on stocks in my Portfolio that arises through a  share consolidation. This will enable me to  maintain an accurate valuation for these stocks against the current share price, and an accurate overall Portfolio valuation. 

With the available Transaction Types (Buy, Sell, Deposit, Withdrawal, Dividend) I can't see an easy way to do this.  

Hoping someone can help!

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