I know this has been asked before, but that it why I am following up. I saw a post had been closed that was made in 2018 regarding this. The response was it is in progress and will be released in the new beta version of Stockopedia.....that was 2 years ago. That is a very long time to wait to be able to make more than 10 folios.

Ideally it would be 10x that. I like to be able to track stocks in all sorts of different markets. Semi-conductors, bio-med, container ships, the list goes on...to more than 10. I also like to have practice folios to try out strategies, and I keep track of stocks for my girlfriend. 

Would it be possible to fast track this as I feel its one thing that actually hinders my progress on Stockopedia, which is frustrating because I love so much about the site. 

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