I stopped using ADVFN a few months ago, partly because the website hasn't been updated for years and is full of bugs and partly because the response to issues that are raised with the site seems to be very limited and little action is ever taken to resolve them.

An example of this is when I told them about an issue with their real-time charts and instead of fixing the issue, they just added BETA to the page title of the charts for some time. Laughable!

I just had a truly awful customer experience with them when my account auto-renewed for another 12 months, costing me £750.

I had forgotten about the auto-renewal on the account to be fair and so within a week (as soon as I saw the renewal fee on my credit card) I emailed their support to ask to cancel and get a refund. Even a pro rate refund of 11 out of 12 months would have been fine.

I feel my request was totally reasonable but after a number of fruitless emails and phone calls I realised they wouldn't offer me the refund. And after being a paying customer of the site for 5 years, this has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

What is also a bit concerning is the fact that their "admin team" that apparently makes the decisions on refunds is only accessible by email. I was unable to get a phone number or even a name of a person in this "admin team" that I could speak with about the issue. The only guys I could speak to were from the technical support team who seemed to mediate between me and this secret admin team that I kept hearing about. Altogether, a very strange experience.

I think some very questionable customer service tactics were at play and it screams that this business not in good shape. When a business tries to hold on to a customers money as much as possible, it's usually the last ditch attempt for a failing company to survive.

Personally, I think ADVFN will go under in a few years because they're clearly doing nothing to improve the website (and haven't done for years) and with such awful customer service, they won't be getting many recommendations or referrals.

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