Hi there

I’m new to all of this and would appreciate any advice from those wiser and seasoned professionals on here. Here’s my story

I stupidly bought Centrica shares (£23k worth) at 60p per share and watched it fall consistently to 30p per share! I held on and it’s now at 40p but I’ve no idea if I’ll ever get my money back.

Following the drop recently I decided to try to recoup some of my losses, so last week (in addition to my Centrica holdings), I bought £5k of Aviva at £2.32, £5k in Barclays at £1.01 and £5k in Shell (B) at £12.59.   I’ve still got £5k in cash to play with and considering ITV or Associated British Foods.

I read Naked Trader on Friday so am learning! Just interested in peoples views on whether Centrica might recover (or should I cut my £8k losses and run), whether my new purchases are decent, and what would you recommend on the remaining £5k?

Thanks, be gentle with me


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