A new microcap (to me) appeared on my 52 Wk High radar this week called Amiad Water Systems (LON:AFS). It’s a boring Israeli water filtration/irrigation company that exports about half its sales. I have visited Israel on business on several occasions and know how much they value their scarce water resource, so I am guessing that Amiad’s water expertise confers a commercial advantage when exporting.

A new CEO took charge at the end of 2016 and I see that they are to report their year end numbers on 28th March. Amiad's diluted EPS doubled on a 6% sales increase in H1. The SR is 96 and F-Score 8, so not too shabby. Amaid passes the  O’Shaughnessy Tiny Titan screen with low P/S and >50% 1Y RS. 

I have taken a small initial position and would welcome any additional bull/bear background information that Stocko members can add?  Thanks Ian

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