A very entertaining and informative hour with Andy Brough, Head of the UK & European Small and Mid Cap team at Schroders. Andy gives us his tips and insights to make money from equities, illustrated with many colourful anecdotes. A great watch for any equity investor.

Video and podcast.

Andy’s career & the funds – 00:50
What performance are you targeting? – 03:18
How do you manage money? – 07:09
Placings – Weatherspoon (JDW); Dart (DTG); Ted Baker (TED) – 12:52
Will institutional appetite for placings endure? – 14:12
How do you advise the retail investor to cope with volatility? – 15:20
Xaar (XAR) – 16:25
Has the story changed on any companies you hold with CV19 – 17:30
Where do you start with the annual report and accounts? – 19:00
Are we seeing more company failures? – 21:40
How valuable are broker notes to you? – 22:55
Does the macro picture play a part in your fund management? – 24:30
Has CV19 had any effect on your management of the funds? – 26:00
Tremor International (TRMR) – 27:54
What tricks to the trade can you hand on to us retail investors? – 28:31
What are your criteria for selling? – 30:30
What would you like to see happen to level the playing field for the retail investor? – 31:29
How do you see the future of fund management? – 32:37
Liquidity in small caps? – 33:31


Sentiment and valuation disconnect with US market? – 35:49
Sectors to avoid? – 36:50 Do you use technical analysis? – 37:22
Games Workshop (GAW) – 37:45
What’s your primary quality metric when looking for companies? – 39:45
How is ESG affecting your investment selections? – 40:15
Which companies or sectors are you most positive about now? – 41:23
How much cash is held by the fund? – 42:05
Would you expect volatility to rise in August? – 42:50
Is lack of alternative choices for money driving the market? – 43:44
Dividends? – 44:53
What’s the short-term outlook on JD Wetherspoons (JDW)? – 45:50
Management incentives? – 46:34
Superdry (SDRY); Ted Baker (TED); Restaurant Group (RTN) – 47:44
How do you distinguish between good and bad management? – 49:08
Games Workshop (GAW) share sale – 49:50
Xaar (XAR) – 50:49 Spurs: buy, sell or hold?! – 52:44
Where to find Andy Brough & and the funds – 53:50

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