Mark Slater, Chairman & CIO at Slater Investments talks to piworld’s Tamzin Freeman. Where we learn Mark is looking for companies that will give an investing return of 50-100% over 3-5 years. We get insights on how Mark analyses stocks to identify these compounders. Further, of course, he discusses how he’s handled CV19, plus many more nuggets such as his thoughts on Director sells/buys and short attacks. Enjoy and share!

See video here. Or listen to podcast here.

How much did your father influence your career? – 00:52
How did Slater investment come about and evolve? – 01:56
How do you judge the performance of the different funds? – 03:00
What investing return you think is reasonable for a private investor to achieve – 04:15
Who were the biggest investor influencers to you and your father? – 06:22
What did you do with CV19? – 09:23
Hollywood Bowl (BOWL) – 12:30
Cash levels – 15:43
What’s the mood amongst institutions, is cash available? – 17:00
Has the withdrawal of forecasts affected your analysis? – 19:58
Would you look at a loss-making company? – 22:48
What are the qualitative factors you look for? – 26:10
What trend do you like now? – 30:24
Codemasters (CDM) – 31:14
Director buys or sells? – 33:19
What are your views on short sellers – 36:07
Future Publishing (FUTR) – 37:32
Exceptional companies and their lifecycle – 40:30


Trade war with China – 43:38
Venture Life (VLG) & Strix (KETL) – 44:30
Tesco (TSCO) – 45:42
When do you sell? – 47:44
China Hutchinson Meditech (HCM) – 51:00
Where to find Mark and the funds – 56:55

About Mark Slater:

Mark Slater co-founded Slater Investments in 1994 with Ralph Baber and is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Slater Investments, Chairing the Investment Committee. The company manages a hedge fund, four unit trusts and portfolios for pension schemes, charities and high net worth individuals. Recent awards include: UK All Companies, Best 10 Year Performance – Slater Growth Fund (City of London Fund Awards 2018), “Best of British” – No 1 – Top 25 UK Fund Managers (TD Direct Investing 2017 & 2016, Best Larger UK Equity Growth Fund & Best Smaller UK Equity Income Fund – MFM Slater Growth & Income Funds (Money Observer Fund Awards 2016) and Fund Manager of the Year Awards (City AM Awards…

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