• Well 6004/8a-1 on the Anne Marie prospect was spudded on 23/07/2010 and drilled to a total depth of 3,901m, in 1,106 metres water depth, 190 kilometres south east of Tórshavn.
  • Total depth was reached on 25 October 2010.  Hydrocarbons have been found in thin sandy layers dispersed in a thick volcano-clastic sequence of Paleocene age, indicating robust evidence of the presence of an active petroleum system.  
  • Further analyses are in progress to evaluate the size and the characteristics of the discovery.

FPM has 12.5% of Anne-Marie and a decent discovery would have been very exciting for them. But this sounds like it might well not be commercial to me. At least Dana ex- holders have the consolation of knowing that this result would not have made a difference to the take-over price.

It will be interesting to see what Mr Market makes of it. I bought FMP in July after the Maria discovery, but sold recently. Will be back in if the price falls a lot.


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