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Thursday, Aug 11 2011 by
Another pint please

As per Macroeconomix's suggestion, this is an unthreaded "Pub" thread (if that's not a contradiction) for general discussion on whatever banter takes your fancy.

Economics, politics, gripes, the weather, theories of the universe, off-the wall investing ideas - plus good jokes - are all welcome! Links to other good discussions & debates also appreciated, on or off-site. 

If someone wants to volunteer as publican, let us know. In the interim, suggestions on thread rules welcome but we were thinking... well, none really (other than the Posting Guidelines). 

And good news - we've got a 24 hour licence so plenty of time for pontification & going off into the long grass.

Can we take your order?

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salty64 5th Dec '11 301 of 320

Too many believe the L'Oreal advert, 'Because You're Worth It' which makes me cringe whenever I see it and I am re watching all the old Frasier episodes.

When they start selling the idea it to the Chinese masses and they adopt our ways will be the time to watch out.

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kenobi 5th Dec '11 302 of 320

what does it tell us that things are much cheaper in one part of the world than another ?

well in part it tells us that the exchange rate should move to compensate, it tells us that
in those parts where things are cheaper all else being the same, there will be more
scrambling for resources and inflation.

We are seeing this, I have a friend works for a major US company, has lots of off shore workers,
they are only allowed to employ more people offshore, and he's telling me they are having to give 10% +
paycuts to average workers just to keep them. Cannot imagine too many people here are getting that kind
of pay rise.
At the same time we have the issue of exchange rates between the US and china for example,
it's difficult to see how this will change, the fed can always print dollars, to either buy chinese assets or
US assets meaning less currency flows in from china potentially. Of course this would fuel inflation.

A big issue is the work ethic, and what people are prepared to do, I have a friend in IBM, he went to silicon valley, to see their research lab, where the multi phd people work to generate the ideas, and technology of tomorrow, that will create the wealth for the company. As he said to me , not a white person among them. Who can blame them when they see great wealth of celebs and the fame of people on american idol, And people with good jobs in media and marketing those double phd, sound high work and low pay to me.

I assume over time these things will have to be corrected, whether they can just correct because it's obvious that some are over paid relative to others, or other mechanisms will be needed, only time will tell,


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emptyend 5th Dec '11 303 of 320

In reply to post #62447

When they start selling the idea it to the Chinese masses and they adopt our ways will be the time to watch out.

Watching Bloomberg earlier there was a reference to there being FIVE Chanel (or some other similar major brand - they all sound the same to me) shops in Hong Kong. It'll all end in tears. You can't eat Prada handbags.....or even Mulberry  ;-)

Incidentally - has anyone noticed that the Indan Rupee has hit 16 year lows versus the USD? That won't help relative competitiveness in Europe.


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Fangorn 5th Dec '11 304 of 320

Only 5 Chanel shops in Honkers. Is that all. Amazing concentration of wealth there, the streets of Wanchai, Admiralty and Central always packed to bursting - LKF always heaving. Surprised there are only 5 myself.

Apparently there has also been a significant amount of development in the last four years - with man y a new high rise and top notch restaurant / bar opening. Spoiled for choice(though not spoiled on the pricing front I hasten to add!)

Certainly a tough place to live without an expense account and company paid housing. Even more so now as I gather rents both there,and in Singapore have rocketed over the last 5 years....

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davjo 14th Dec '11 305 of 320

London Underground drivers to strike on Boxing Day
Aslef balloted its 2,200 members over demands for triple pay and a day off in lieu for working on the bank holiday.

Staff will walk out on Boxing Day, 16 January, 3 and 13 February. Aslef said 92% voted for industrial action, but Tube bosses said 42% voted to strike.

A spokesman said an agreement in 1992 specified drivers would earn about £44,500, work a 35-hour week and have 43 days' leave.

So, basically, on above figures, they're seeking an £850 ransom to turn out on Boxing Day for standing in a cab pulling a handle one way and then the other. That's the sort of money a consultant surgeon might earn for conducting an out of hours emergency operation. IMO, these so called workers are seriously taking the **ss and need to be crushed by whatever means!


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jseth123 14th Dec '11 306 of 320

I think that tube driving is more akin to working for the NHS and a surgeon would earn no money for conducting an out of hours emergency operation on the NHS! He would be paid his normal "on call" supplement (up to 8% if my understanding is correct) but he'd get up at 3am and go and then work from 7.30am - 7.30pm the "next" day too. Further, it doesn't matter if it's Boxing Day, 1st May or Christmas's work that their contract says they will do - so they will do it!

These tube driving cowboys have the people of London by the balls and its about time someone stood up to them in a big way. Is there anything that CAN be done?

What are Londoners' opinions of these people?

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Fangorn 15th Dec '11 307 of 320

I was under the impression that the LU tube drivers were recently awarded a pay rise of 10k over the next four years (ie 50k per year from their current ridiculous 40k per year for a 38 hour week!!!)

Agree with you Davjo - they're taking the p**s royally and deserve to be crushed by whatever means.

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Isaac 30th Jun '12 308 of 320

Scandal of Barclays rigging key interest rates could lead to criminal charges against some individuals

What is the liklihood of someone like Diamond going to Jail for the Libor scandal?

This chap has been earning 10's of millions for the last several years, was it enough for him?

Oh no........................He had to continue milking the system, GREED.

Bobby D you may have made millions from the banking industry but will you be around to consume that wealth if you end up in Jail?

GREED is NEVER good for anyone.

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Isaac 15th Sep '12 309 of 320

Why is there so much attention given to topless pics of Kate being published?

She should know better & face the consequences for her reckless behaviour. The media is right the expose what has to date appeared as little 'miss perfect'.

You are suppose to be role model for the kids. With power comes great responsibility.

I think her behaviour is disgraceful. She should take more responsibility.

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peterg 15th Sep '12 310 of 320

In reply to post #68146

She should know better & face the consequences for her reckless behaviour.

What are you on Isaac? She sunbathed without a top in private. Half the younger female population has done that in public at sometime - so what exactly is reckless or disgraceful about either them or her?

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Isaac 15th Sep '12 This post has been moderated
djpreston 17th Sep '12 312 of 320

If youd seen the pictures Isaac, you would note that the quality is somewhat grainy at best. Given that whilst the paparazzi are scum, they are at least, highly skilled and equipped, this implies that the shots were with a somewhat massive long lens. Hardly taking a chance snap of someone parading themselves in public if that is the lengths they have to go to.

Id say you need to get a life if this is the biggest concern in your life at the moment.

Fund Management: European Wealth
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emptyend 17th Sep '12 313 of 320

In reply to post #68170

this implies that the shots were with a somewhat massive long lens. Hardly taking a chance snap of someone parading themselves in public if that is the lengths they have to go to.

How come that taking money from people's bank accounts by remote means constitutes theft ....and that finding a diamond ring on the floor and keeping it (instead of handing it in to the police) also counts as stealing......but taking a photo of people in a private place (without permission) doesn't consitute theft - even if it happens to be worth millions?

Surely the laws on theft should be updated to include the taking of valuable images - and should be subject to large civil penalties in proportion to their commercial value?


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emptyend 17th Sep '12 314 of 320

In reply to post #68172

......and another thing: come our great UK investigative press hasn't yet used its skills in digging up the truth to find out the name of the photographer responsible? Apparently "no-one knows" who took the photos - and they are hiding.......which is a rich irony when one considers the invasion of privacy that he/she perpetrated.

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djpreston 17th Sep '12 315 of 320


the photographer is probably all to aware of what happens to other embarrassments to the Royal family... Diana anyone?? ;-))

Fund Management: European Wealth
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peterg 17th Sep '12 316 of 320

In reply to post #68170

If youd seen the pictures Isaac, you would note that the quality is somewhat grainy at best.

Been doing a bit of research on the 'net, Darron?

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djpreston 17th Sep '12 317 of 320

Ummm, errrr..... No comment m'lud..they just appeared in my in box...

Fund Management: European Wealth
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nybor 17th Sep '12 318 of 320

Then again, this is the Kate who first attracted William's attention by wearing a see-though dress at a fashion show and happily being photographed in it. Yes, she has a right to privacy (more so under French law than British, ironically); yes, the paparazzi are trash; but a balanced view would surely acknowledge too that modesty and shyness are not this young woman's most notable characteristics, despite her demure smiles.

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djpreston 17th Sep '12 319 of 320

Slightly different being a young student to now being married to the heir to the throne though. I'll bet she (and most of us) wasn't really the most sensible in thosedays.

Fund Management: European Wealth
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emptyend 18th Sep '12 320 of 320

Of course nybor is correct on the matter of fact. However, there is all the difference in the world between choosing to appear a certain way in front of cameras and trying very hard to stay completely out of sight. After all, the road seems to have been over half a mile away and people wouldn't have been visible with the naked eye (in either direction!).

the photographer is probably all to aware of what happens to other embarrassments to the Royal family... Diana anyone?? ;-))

I'm sure he or she is! However, that makes it even MORE in the public interest for the UK press to unmask them and strip them of their privacy. And one would think that (since they cohabit the world of skulking around in the undergrowth and trawling through bins) proper investigative reporters should find it really really easy to track them down and put a name and photo in the public domain? Or are they just not interested in doing some proper investigative work???


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