Once again I've enjoyed a quiet month with regard to the markets and have done little apart from watch the dividends roll in - thanks XP Power! It's not that I've been putting my feet up though. No, real life has more than occupied my time and that's no bad thing. I did, however, enjoy reading this recent piece on AIM investing (Staying Safe on The Planet Aim) which echoes very much my own approach. The only part which I don't do well is putting together a few basic calculations to validate my thinking when a new RNS comes out. This clearly works for the author (https://twitter.com/dosh100) though as his regular tweets demonstrate.



Things I thought about buying (but didn't)




Things I thought about selling (but didn't)



AdEPT Technology Group: Decent FY trading update here with sales and EBITDA rising in-line with market expectations. Debt should also come in slightly lower than forecast with the dividend rising more than expected to 9.8p. Given that this is a "buy and build" business it's pleasing to read that recent acquisitions appear to be both performing and integrating well. With Ian Fishwick moving to the chairman seat it sounds as though the pace of acquisition is likely to be maintained. Given that the shares are on a forecast P/E below 11, and yielding almost 3%, I'd say that they're looking good value right now. (Update)

Ramsdens Holdings: An in-line FY trading update which implies earnings growth of circa 8%. Usefully they've seen growth across all four of the main income streams (Foreign Currency, Pawnbroking, Jewellery and Precious Metals) which suggests a certain level of resilience in the business. With the acquisition of 18 stores and 5 loan books from Instant Cash Loans last month it seems reasonable to assume that next year should see some decent growth at the top and bottom line. With shares currently on a P/E of ~10 and yielding almost 4% they seem more than fairly priced. (Update)

Watkin Jones: Yet another in-line HY trading update with forecast growth of 2-3% somewhat more muted than last year. On the flip-side the business cleverly de-risks earnings by forward selling their student accommodation developments; this ensures that they're not over exposed to future economic conditions and don't have too much cash tied up with work…

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