Sorry for the slightly provocative title but I was just checking the best performing Income Strategies over the last couple of years to compare with my own performance as this is an investing area I'm interested in.

I saw that two of the better performing strategies were PYAD from Stephen Bland & Geraldine Weiss Lite. On checking however, I notice that the PYAD currently has 7 shares, 3 of which seem to Venture capital or investment funds. The other 4 had market caps. between £5m and £22m. Not sure anyone other than a robot would put this sort of portfolio together & I'm sure it is pretty far away from Stephen Bland's strategy as far as I understand his strategy.

Meanwhile more comically the Geraldine Weiss Strategy had 5 shares 3 of which are different lines of stock in the same company - Hong Kong Land - GIGO as the old computing phrase goes?

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