Hi Stockopedia Team and Users,

I have read some alarming articles recently (e.g. Stephen Roach: How the Coming Crash of the Dollar will Unfold, Bloomberg and The Economist: The State-budget train crash) all pointing to a potential severe crash of the dollar value, perhaps catalysing the next global financial crisis.

I was wondering what you think of this, how to look out for signs and how to prepare, especially given how the performance of the FTSE seems to be very dependent on what is going on across the pond, and probably a similar situation facing the (not so) Great British Pound - i.e. spiraling debt, crazy money printing and decreasing public revenues. Clearly, there are many further implications on the global economy, trade, other currencies, and probably every single business we invest in.

In light of this, what are prudent risk management strategies one can adopt, and how can one prepare to capitalise when the crash comes? I am almost 100% in stocks at the moment, probably due to some recent FOMO. I have approx 20% is in gold miners. Is gold the only safe haven? What about Crypto currencies?

Would be very grateful for your views.

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