As you can see, my first quarter performance has been abysmal.

I do look at my portfolio regularly and convinced that the stocks that I own are the right one's based on some of the data points/blue sky thinking , corroborating views from Paul/Graham courtesy SCVR and of course your valuable comments in the forum. 

Irrespective of what I think the market says that I am wrong. I can clearly see that I am making  the mistakes!!!. Few I can gather, 

1. Getting attached to the stocks due to which I am reluctant to get rid of them - Need to emphasise myself that I am running a portfolio for profit  and nothing else.

2.  Not taking out the profits when the stock are at high e.g. GMD was almost 200% up last year and did not act and saw them tumbling down

3. Avoid chasing big gainers and it is not possible to hunt them easily. May be time to focus on ticking stocks !!!

As you can see from the write-up, I am still a novice investor who does not have a trading strategy and hoping to build one to suit my style.

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