have we now hit bear market down 700 point wall street,, im postive person perhaps why losing,,, im sure end march brexit sort,, trump and china also. i am  postive,,, hence i do if market goes down back spread bet went down 700,,, wall street,, i got fed up losing markets  nyse   over done   ,, its   gone  way  below,, go  check,, lower  than   18 months,,surly things   not  that bad,,  over  that   time period,,  ive  gone long on ftse  now   and  in spread  bet   im sure  its not  a   bear  market,,  i did   a bet   on  markets  after  backing ftse  at   10 points  per  bet  to go  up .  it  went  down  so  i  bet 2 points   on wall street at 2 points to go down,, so  banked   £300  profit in   1  hour,,im on all day  so  study,  market correction on  markets  has   been over done..  om  now  going long on  markets,,  as  i think  its gone way to low,, are we worse  than 18 months ago, i dont think so ,,   im  buying into   up trend, not shares but   spread bet  on   nyse, ftse  , dax ,  end  march   i no  ill cash in,,i will put  my money  where my mouth is so  to speak,

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