Beaufort Securities Client campaign - presentation by ShareSoc

Introduced by Mark Northway
Presented by Mark Bentley

ShareSoc’s Mark Bentley discusses the Beaufort Scandal – an insight into the reasons behind the current debacle, the ignoble roles played by the FCA and PWC in this tragedy, ShareSoc’s initiatives to improve the outcome for Beaufort’s clients and the wider implications for UK investors.

Events at Beaufort - 01:33
So you thought your assets were safe? – 02:54
Lord Lee’s question – 03:50
PwC’s bombshell - 04:50
What ShareSoc did next - 06:20
Campaign objectives - 09:27
Campaign membership - 12:45
Forming the SBCC - 13:30
Client and creditors meeting - 15:22
ShareSoc campaign priorities - 17:22
Key questions for the FCA - 18:43
Ongoing and future battles - 20:43
What can investors do? - 22:10
How long will it take to resolve? - 24:25
Q&A – 26:24

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