This Johannesburg mining company has hit 2 of my screens. First screen is at least 30% up in the last 30 days.The 2nd screen shows at least 100% up over the last year.
This is, as you can see, is a speculative high flyer.
Stock Rank 58,Quality 63,Momentum 93 and has 1 screen 52 week high.
There is a lot of interest in this share currently trading today with 15M trades,rising another 6.7%
The Revenues from last year were £2.21M and this year are estimated @£170M.
Net profit is similar Massive increase from £0.95 last year to estimated to £62.3M
The potential for this share is looking good but it is over valued. In spite of that the upside, based on those figures is certainly worth watching in my watch list.

From the momentum screen we can see 1 Mth +60.1%, 3Mths +71.9%, 1 year +408.5%

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