I deliberately spelt the title wrong so those who enjoy arguing about 'you know what' wont find this thread via a google search or whatever.
I'm not looking to start a row, my intention is to start a thread about which companies are going to move as ours and the EUs future becomes clearer. It may get bumpy, but some of you will make a fortune in the next 6 months.

If we end up with a good deal or a 2nd referendum, Im thinking financials will fly as will airlines, but GBP will also go up, according to the Economist the pound is 11% undervalued, and as I'm sure you remember as the pound tanked in 2016 the FTSE100 flew, will we have a reverse? I get the sense there will be a lot of overseas investment so that wont play out.

At the moment I have my eye on Barclays and Easyjet. I was also thinking companies such as National Grid which buy gas in dollars and sell in pounds.

Anyone else got any lists of companies theyre looking at, or predictions of what the market will do.

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