Looking at the database from the front page: Select Browse, then Market Data, then Investment Trusts.

What I see is a mangled mess of ETFs and Investment Trusts - not a ordered managed database of Investment Trusts.

Why is it so difficult to achieve a list of Investment Trusts?

The full list - available on the trade body web site, is a known set. A categorisation scheme is provided to make navigating the set easier.

https://www.theaic.co.uk/ & https://www.theaic.co.uk/aic/s...

Even the annually produced "Investment Trust Handbook" is available for free on-line, https://ithb.co.uk/ , and includes a handy directory of the mainstream investment trusts in their online directory: https://ithb.co.uk/directory/
So, why is the Stockopedia database so disorganised?

Surely this is no more than a summer intern type task to sort out?

Can we get this sorted out, please? The current status is very poor.

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