SOCO's 80% owned subsidiary, SOCO Cabinda, has a 17% stake in the Cabinda North onshore licence in Angola. This licence is immediately adjacent to the extremely highly productive offshore Block 0 and is reckoned to be highly prospective. However, work there hasn't yet properly started (having been suspended for a period) - and a 2D seismic programme is planned there for Q3 2009, quite possibly using the Chinese teams that were used on Nganzi?

Concessions map:

To date, it is clear that geology has favored blocks in the north of the country. An example of success is Block Zero that lies off Cabinda and is situated just to the north of the Congo River. The proximity to the river is key. The concession's map shows that the biggest reserves fan out from the mouth of the river. It is thought that this is due to the deposit of large quantities of vegetable material which eventually became oil.


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