I am going to call the bottom of the market (FTSE100). How do I do this ....... well it's all about the magic of Technical Analyst, and I am going to tell you when to reinvest  again (buy Long) 

You do not believe me, well here it comes. (for free)


Well, guys, you miss it....... and it was not one but a double bottom. The first bottom was on the 15th of March and the second bottom was on the 19th of March.


The time to buy back into the market is on the 23 March. You should make tentative purchases on this date, one or two small trades if the FTSE 100  pulls back to 5100. Then again on the  25th of March again tentative if the FTSE 100 pulls back to 5300. Each time with one or two small trades only. Then the all-out attack on the 29th  of March if the FTSE 100 pulls back to 5,500. From then on the sky's the limit.

If I get this right or nearly right then I should write a book on investing, LOL. Let us review the situation in April.

This is all a bit of fun........... BUT what if I an correct?

Good trading guys and may all your trades make you money.

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