The post below is copied from ADVFN with permission of the author. Bossert Capital and Glenville Capital Management are planning to vote against the management bid for the company. I will be doing so too. If you are a shareholder and believe that Mark Lavery and the Cambria Automobiles (LON:CAMB) Board are robbing you with a lowball offer, then please contact Alex and/or Ben at the email addresses below:

They already have commitments from the owners of over 20m shares to vote against the takeover bid.

Note that, in spite of the repeated threats of delisting from the management, there is no downside of voting against the bid if you do not support it. There is a 14 day window after the offer becomes unconditional to tender your shares.



This is Alex Bossert of Bossert Capital. We own ~1.2m shares in Cambria.

If you own shares in Cambria please reach out to me immediately: or via Twitter:

Also, I want you all to be aware that you do not need to tender by September 3rd because if Cambria does end up getting 75% support, which then means they can force a delisting, we all have a 14 day window to tender afterwards.

"If the Offer becomes unconditional as to acceptances, it will remain open for acceptance for
no fewer than 14 days from the date on which it would otherwise have expired."

See page 48 of the offer doc:

There is lots of chatter on Twitter regarding Cambria. Here are some of the recent tweets:

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