I have been seriously investing for over 10 years. Significantly helped by a bull market tailwind, this has been a reasonably successful time. Though I have some large caps, investment trusts and VCT's, my portfolio largely consists of small and mid-caps.

I have however recently had a diagnosis that indicates that I have much less time left to continue investing than I expected. I am seeking a backup plan to ensure that my investments are managed in my 'absence' for the benefit of my spouse. My spouse has no interest in investing whatsoever, though not profligate. What I think I need is some form of discretionary management; giving some general steer to a third party.

My problem is that the search so far has shown firms that offer services based around open-ended funds. I really dislike the structure of open ended funds which I regard as quite risky. What I need is are solutions that look to direct equities and closed ended funds.

Does anyone have any suggestions or even direct experience that they would like to share ?

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