I'm going to try a more systematic format this time - I always intended to move to a more log based formula. The idea is that it will enable me to look back and review my investment decisions. As always, remember I'm an amateur, learning the CANSLIM method - nothing here is investment advice, just a record of my thoughts and questions. First section:-

Current Holdings

Amino Technologies (LON:AMO)

Recent purchase

Impax Asset Management (LON:IPX)

Long term holding, although it has suffered a recent drop, I'm watching closely but holding for now

On The Beach (LON:OTB)

Recent purchase

Victoria (LON:VCP)

Held for 3 months - under review

Craneware (LON:CRW)

Most recent purchase on the back of strong volume action and what could be a base breaking out - as always time will tell. 

Next section:

Current CANSLIM Guru Screen

Why am I going to the trouble to record the current guru screen? Because it does change quite a bit and I think it is worth capturing for review later. What are the new entries? What has changed?

Note the recent market correction is giving me some challenges interpreting the charts this week.

Plus500 (LON:PLUS)

The weekly trend shows strong positive volume last week - possible breakout? If it was, I missed it. This week so far hasn't been so impressive. Follow.

Globaltrans Investment (LON:GLTR)

Early stages of 4th base? Or stall in breakout from 3rd base?

Tatneft' PAO (LON:ATAD)

Depending where you count from this has had 1 or 2 bases. Temporary stall in the uptrend or a new base forming?

IG Group (LON:IGG)

No comment

Craneware (LON:CRW)

I've just bought this based on the strong regular volumes seen in the weekly and daily charts, along with + price movement


Currently the volume on the down days is higher than the volume on the up days, although the price has briefly broke new ground this week, but retracted after. Watch for…

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