The second post in my new more systematic format. Theses posts are a record of my adventures in CAN-SLIM style investing As always, remember I'm an amateur, learning the CANSLIM method - nothing here is investment advice, just a record of my thoughts and questions. Like last time, I'll start with a review of the current holdings.

No change in the portfolio from last week. I'm going to include % price change, to make it more interesting.

Amino Technologies (LON:AMO)

Gain: -0.52%

Weekly Change: +2.2%

As Seismo commented last week, I think this has the cup with handle forming, maybe I was a bit trigger happy and bought 2 or 3 weeks early.  Quite a lot of price volatility this week on high volume, but the end result was not impressive at only +2.2% considering the volume. Could be a bearish sign?

Impax Asset Management (LON:IPX)

Gain 64.7%

Weekly Change: -2.84%

Long term holding, although it has suffered a recent drop, I'm watching closely but holding for now. Although it lost ground this week, the volume was very low. Hopefully all the sellers have been shaken out. Currently fails the screen on % of 52 week high, it is below 50 day MA and is not in top 200 RS. My current view is it is in the early stages of base building, but I will re-evaulate  this daily.

On The Beach (LON:OTB)

Gain: + 12.7%

Weekly Change: + 6.6%

Bought this w/c 4th Feb, I interpreted that I had missed the breakout a couple of weeks earlier, but saw an opportunity to jump in during the early Feb market correction.  Passes 8/10 of the screen criteria.

Victoria (LON:VCP)

Gain: + 16.9%

Weekly Change: - 1.86%

Held for 3 months - under review. Lost ground 7/15 weeks now, (including the last 3 in a row) but volume is reducing now, so could be finding support. Fails on EPS growth Q on Q.

Craneware (LON:CRW)

Gain: -1.78%

Weekly Change: n/a

Most recent purchase on the back of strong volume action and what could be a base breaking out - after writing this last week, I was feeling smug with a 5.5% gain the next day. Sadly reversed the following day!…

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