Evening all - I'll writing this a day early because I have a week in Germany with work, starting tomorrow. The schedule is pretty full on, morning to night, so I won't be able to do any trading or writing. I'm setting up stop losses to cover me in case of any unexpected price movements, of course!


Amino Technologies (LON:AMO)

Gain: -0.58%

Weekly Change: -0.06%

I'm running a tight stop loss on this. I think my timing was flawed, although I have nothing against the company. We've had some high volumes with no progress at all in the price. I bought on the 20th Feb, expecting a breakout, but I think it has turned out to be faulty.

Impax Asset Management (LON:IPX)

Gain 63%

Weekly Change: n/a

I've sold this position - I had a stop loss set at 142p as it has broken through the 150 day MA, it had already dropped through the 155p support point, I am concerned it will carry on through the 142p support point. Protecting my gain on this one, but I may re-enter if circumstances change.

On The Beach (LON:OTB)

Gain: + 12.7%

Weekly Change: + 6.6>

Bought this w/c 4th Feb, I interpreted that I had missed the breakout a couple of weeks earlier, but saw an opportunity to jump in during the early Feb market correction.  Passes 8/10 of the screen criteria. Difficult start to the week, but strong volume and price action on Friday. Hold for now.

Victoria (LON:VCP)

Gain: + 13.3%

Weekly Change: - 3.6%

Sold. Held for 3 months. Lost ground 8/15 weeks now, (including the last 4 in a row). Dropped through support at 777p, below 50 MA, heading to 150 MA. A 13.3% gain isn't as good as 20% a few weeks ago, but better than 10%!

Craneware (LON:CRW)

Gain: +1.99%

Weekly Change: +3.83

Only had this for 2 weeks, I think I wasn't quite there on the timing - maybe this week would have been the correct week, but looking promising.

NMC Health (LON:NMC)

Gain -5.42%

Weekly Change -5.42%

Looking back, I understand why I bought this, but it has…

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