One of the things that appeals to me about both Stockopedia and CAN-SLIM is the potential for time saving in portfolio management. Don't get me wrong, I could spend all day doing this. I dream of waking up reading the RNS streams, the FT, analysing the state of the market, but for now, I have to squeeze it in between family life, work life, trying to stay reasonably fit and feeding the cat. I never spend as much time as I should do - this is one of the reasons why I appreciate all the comments / alternative views and tips. Thanks again.

Even so, I do feel if I get a bit more systematic in my approach, I can get a broader coverage of stocks. What happens with me at least, is I spend more time the shares I already hold, particularly the ones doing well, ignoring the less well performing ones (remember in CAN-SLIM we don't have poorly performing shares because they are sold and forgotten about ;-) )Does anyone else have this bias towards their favourites?

The most frustrating thing about this for me is that opportunities are being missed because I'm simply not looking. So here is my idea to solve this:-

The Poughtibridge Method!

  1. Use the screen to carry out a basic filter of all the qualifying shares.
  2. Each week I'll make a table in Excel of all the qualifying CAN-SLIMesque Screen shares recording new entries (like the Top 40 but for CAN-SLIM)
  3. I'll also review the shares that have dropped out of the screen and use the Stockopedia checklist function to find out why they have dropped out - then make human judgment whether they still need to be considered or whether they really do not qualify for CAN-SLIM any more
  4. As we are only interested in buying at the end of a base, I'll record what stage in the price development a share is i.e. growth stage, price correction / start of base and potential end of base. This will enable me to focus on the shares coming to the end of the base building stage and also understand what stage the portfolio is at. 
  5. Focus only the portfolio AND prospects that are at the end of the base building stage - 

Does anyone else do anything similar? Here is an example below from this week. A bit rough around…

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