I've been a Stockopedia subscribersince 2014 - I love the concept and the execution. The way those charts load up in seconds.... hats off to the programmers! One thing I am not is a professional. I've had good results since I started in 2008, but this has co-incided with a long bull run - I don't kid myself that I'm some stock wizard...

One thing that really fascinates me is the guru screens. I've read many a book on investing over the years - how great to be able to screen the entire stock market in seconds for all the stocks that match a guru's strategy. And then to tweak the strategy for your own investing preferences. 

One strategy that has caught my eye over the years is the William O'Neil CANSLIM-esque strategy [1] It fits in with my investing temperament. Note: I think it is very important to be self aware and understand your investing temperament. By this, I mean if you are naturally a fiddler, a tweaker,  don't follow a buy and hold type strategy! In my experience, it will result at best, in mental anguish and at worst losses.

I've read the CANSLIM book, cover to cover, several times and as Stockopedia acknowledge, it is a difficult book to distill into an automated screen. Also, the book is very US focused and some of the rules do not work on the UK stock market. That is why they call it the CANSLIM-esque screen. Having said that, it has been consistently one of the top ranked screens, so the poses a few questions (to me at least)

1) If we combine the buying / selling theories in the book, do we get an even better result than the impressive automated Guru Screen results (currently 25.8% annualised)

2) The Stockopedia performance tracker rebalances the portfolio quarterly. What would happen if you rebalanced the portfolio weekly?

So I'll attempt to uncover this with two portfolios:-

1) A fantasy weekly rebalanced portfolio

2) A real portfolio that I actually invest in based on the guru screen and my attempt at interpreting the buying / selling theories in the book

All compared with the CANSLIM-esque Guru screen (rebalanced quarterly) and the FSTE...

So why might this blog post by my last? I've tried to write several blogs before and never got past the first post. This may be different - I hope it will give…

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