What is that I have achieved this year?
  • 50% return in my overall portfolio - most of them can be attributed to bull's market probably.  I am sure I too can take some credit for picking up the right ones :-)
How did I achieve this?

I am not a rule based person but more influenced by basic analysis of data and significant input from SCVR. 

Here are some of the articles that I read regularly:

  • Daily RNS report
  • SCVR report from Paul and Graham and excellent comments from all the readers
  • Special focus to Paul’s investment strategy - I read it multiple times to make sure that I understand the points before clicking the buy button.
  • Ed’s NAPS and SNAPS whenever it comes out
  • Rolands SIF – great rule based strategist : although I don’t follow clear rules.
  • Ben’s articles – behavior analysis
  •  I do check other sites e.g. naked trader and other sites

While I do value all the articles above, most of the investment decisions are influenced by Paul’s GREAT insight and UNBIASED view. I don't think I could have achieved returns anywhere near without SCVR.

My 2017 Portfolio returns –a snapshot

GMD: 176%

ABDP : 75.3%

AIR  25%

EIG : 10%

G4M:  40.1%

TET : 36.6%

IGG: 36.2%

BOO: 30.4%

TWTR:  28.2%

IQE:  10.1%


PURP -2.13% (I made 125% earlier and exited and re-entered @424)

FCCN -9.61% ( this is not going anywhere and my patience is running out)

RBG -12.3%  (initial investment @221 but recently bought again @150 - hoping that new bidder comes through new year)

How can I achieve super performance - returns greater than 100%?

Hope it is not a naive question. Can people achieve super performance without a strict rule based strategy?  Firstly, I find it difficult to create a rule set and stick to it. Secondly, I work in the financial industry and there are constraints that I cannot put stop-losses (as suggested in Mark Minervini's book)

Any views from your experience will be much appreciated.. 

Happy New Year to you and your families. Wish you all a great investing year ahead.

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