I am looking to build a diverse portfolio in this bear market with long term stocks.  I would like to share the process I am taking, this is my first experience of trading explicitly on the stock market so, any and all feedback would be of very high value.

In an essence I would like my portfolio to be built of high quality dividend paying stocks which were looking to grow well over the next few years , but have seen a fall in price because of Covid-19.  

My general approach to building my first portfolio is as follows.

1. Looking for quality, in key sectors. Process explained below.

2. Watching prices closely, waiting for them to reach prices I generally like.

3. Not rushing purchasing, drip buying weekly with a percentage of my savings, because it is hard to judge where the bottom really is.

4. Hopefully, working (after uni) and constantly adding to my portfolio and using it like a savings account, continuously reinvesting.

To find potential stocks I have been creating screens of some key sectors, then sorting  these companies in terms of Quality of stock. I hope this will allow me to find companies which are in a healthy position to weather the storm of Covid-19. Furthermore I hope it will help me find good quality companies to own, which can not only ride this out, as they have good balance sheets but will be looking to grow well when normal order resumes, whenever this may be.

A question I have been asking myself is how much emphasis can I place on Stock ranks and in particular the Quality component? (I understand that in these weird times value and momentum ratings are skewed which is altering stock rank which is why I have been looking at Quality rank explicitly)

I have looked at how it is built and I understand where the score comes from. I have also found quality in the industries I know about and I find interesting but am I placing too much emphasis on the quality component to find good companies? 

What other components should I ensure I am looking at when analysing a firm?

My final question regards Stockopedia in general.

I have really enjoyed using Stockopedia for the past 2 weeks, however, the price of a subscription is prohibitive…

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