I am looking to build a funds portfolio in my ISA in this bear market with investment trusts, funds and ETF’s. I am at Uni studying Economics & Finance and would like to share my thought process so far and ask for all constructive critics on my thinking and elections pls - would be greatly appreciated.

I want to invest in high quality investment products that I can leave to compound in interest overtime - growth focused. Currently my thinking is picking funds/trusts/ETF’s that have had consistently strong growth (10% + over 3yrs) while picking a relatively low standard deviation within its peers and picking those showing stronger growth in the short term compared to others in its sector, while also comparing holding to ensure I am not buying funds too similar.

I have used  Sector ranking to base my thinking on and currently this is equating to:

High exposure to technology in the form of Polar Capital Technology Trust, with a strong holding in tech companies such as Microsoft that are benefiting from their cloud services that more people are using as they are working at home. I believe technology will continue to lead the way and that is why I have chosen this to be my biggest portion of my portfolio.

Exposure to USA through buying ishares S&P 500 information sector UCITS ETF, I believe over time the S&P will recover over time and invested heavily in strong US tech companies it has good growth prospects.

Exposure in China through Invesco China Equity Fund (UK) Y (Acc). With China starting to go back to normal while also having very strong growth prospects, I want to position myself with exposure to China to benefit from their continued future growth model.

Furthermore exposure of UK in the form of MI Chelverton UK Equity Growth Fund B Acc. Helping to balance my portfolio, a very strong fund that has performed well over time.

Moreover the Healthcare sector Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust (EWI). I believe this sector will benefit from ongoing crisis and further in the long term, firms are constantly trying to create cures for cancer and other health problems.

My initially thinking of weighting is 35%, 30%, 15%,5%,5%. What do you guys think?

While leaving myself 10% to invest in stocks that have strong cash balances that will be able to weather the storm and good…

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