I’ll shortly be departing on my annual routine of  one week volunteering  followed by one week family holiday. Now I’ve never surfed in my life, but I do find that a little bit of Beach Boys in the sunshine gets me properly in the mood for summer.

The convolutions of my mind led me on to think about those stocks that promise to make you rich by riding one economic mega-trend or another. Let’s face it there is no shortage to choose from. As a cautious type, I tend to suspect that many of these will not come to fruition or run out of money before they commercialise or fail to deliver the riches for other reasons. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and so I thought that I would write a few words on a stock I recently took a speculative position in. I’m also prompted by the fact that Filtronic (LON:FTC) are due to announce their results next Thursday, by which time I will be sitting in a field in Norfolk, so will probably have to wait for the arrival of the daily carrier pigeon to find out.

I can present the speculative bull case very succinctly :

That’s it, plain and simple.

 I have no forecasts for what share of that market Filtronic can achieve (and having worked in the industry I would not place much faith in such forecasts anyway). It’s a massive and growing market and Filtronic are involved to some degree.

There are, however,…

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