I really like Stockopedia for its screens on fundamentals, and the charts are good. I also understand that they are working on improving the Technical analysis capability of Stockopedia. I’m really looking forward to seeing this released (I don’t think we have an ETA for this). But in the interim, can anyone recommend any online sites (either free, or reasonable subscription), that are good for charting UK stocks?

Only just getting into charting, so my needs at present are fairly basic. The requirements include:
* Ability to quickly and easily draw on charts and label charts (you can draw on stockopedia charts, but I often get aggravated when trying to move objects, in that I end up moving the wrong object).
* Create a watchlist of stocks, that I can quickly be able to flip between stocks.
Easily place overlays of indicators in particular I like to be able to see on the chart
* Curve of MA of Volume overlaid on the volume bars
* Relative Strength of stock price vs another share or index (Nice to have but not critical)
* Curve of Earnings
* MA of price

* Easily place overlays of events i.e. dividend dates, and results (stockopedia charts are great for this)

I don’t need live prices, the 15 minute delay is fine for my current needs.

My style of investing is Growth / trend (so subscribe to the philosophy that O’Neil, Minervini and Stan Weinstein all talk about in their respective books). Charting for entry and exit points plays a large part in these philosophies.

I buy shares though rather than spread bet , as the capital that I use for this is within my SIPP and ISA accounts.

The best site I’ve found so far on the charting front for what I’m looking for is the one offered by tradingview. Currently just using the free version. I think tradingview is more for stock market spread betters and forex traders though, but I like the charts. As I’m only using it for its charts (and don’t currently spreadbet on stocks or forex trade), I’m only really using a small fraction of what that service offers

Before I spend hard earned cash on a monthly subscription though to tradingview, can anyone suggest either…

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