Some progress was emerging from US-China trade talks, with Beijing offering to buy $70bn worth of US goods in exchange for having no further tariffs imposed on Chinese imports, with the White House working on a deal to allow tech giant ZTE to resume operations and perhaps also calling off the planned tariffs on Chinese goods.

Nevertheless, not all analysts were on board when it came to markets' apparently positive reaction to that news.

"None of this will do much to narrow the bilateral trade balance," grumbled Julian Evans-Pritchard at Capital Economics, "nor will it address concerns that China's industrial policy is undermining US interests. So it would be naïve to assume that such a deal, if it goes ahead, will prevent tensions from flaring up again in future." what more do trump and clan want,, at least clinton was just happy with monica in the white house, yep sarcasm perhaps trump needs cool down send in monica ) more sarcasm

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