Clinigen is a new company for me, but caught my attention yesterday, on noticing that the share price had fallen off a cliff.  A consequence of a recent profit warning due to a reduction in demand for some of its products/services as a result of the negative impact of the pandemic mainly on hospital based oncology treatments. Up until the profit warning the company was as far as I can tell very highly rated, hence the precipitous share price fall, exacerbated by Jupiter disposing of 4 million shares.

I am trying to unravel the information on the company's website to fully understand the company's operations and how it makes money, before deciding whether the share price fall of over 30% in the last couple of days is overdone.  This is not helped by my inability to find any recent analyst's coverage.  It would be nice to find a presentation on a platform such as, but no such luck.

Any thoughts, views or insights into Clinigen would be welcome, in the meantime I will continue to 'ferret'

All the bset

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