I have half way through 100 Baggers, a book which has had lots of discussion on here. I now know where the 'Coffee Can' expression comes from.

It has made me look at my portfolio and I also went back to look at Paul Scott's top 10 holding which he kindly shared. In my own portfolio and in Paul's portfolio I see we have some turnaround/value plays and also some long term holds which I guess would be 'coffee can' shares.

My own personal coffee can shares are Marlowe (LON:MRL) , Sdi (LON:SDI) , Volex (LON:VLX) and possibly Naked Wines (LON:WINE)

I know Paul sometimes mentions certain shares as his 'Coffee Can' shares.

I would like to embrace this approach and would like to find other good shares for a 'Coffee Can' approach as described in 100 Baggers.

I thought a thread where we could share ideas may be useful for a lot of us.

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